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Wonderful Led Lighting co., LTD. Is a collection of diverse product design, manufacturing, sales for the integration of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, is located in jinjiang city on the west side of the science and technology park. Wonderful Led Lighting company since founded in 1986, operating in nearly 20 years of development, especially in recent 10 years of professional manufacturing LED lighting products, "Wonderful Led Lighting" to perfect the quality of the products well received by vast consumers, the company currently has 10 major series, hundred products, practical, can meet various situation of the company's registered capital 50 million fee high praise, the company currently has 10 series, hundred products, can meet various occasions and practical, the company registered capital of 50 million Hong Kong dollars, covers an area of 100 mu, building area of 50000 square meters.

Company production of LED lighting products with a long life, high brightness, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, is recognized as a new generation of "green light". Compared with the traditional light source, LED lighting energy saving efficiency reached 90%, life 30000 hours. Since the period of "11th five-year plan", the state has guidance semiconductor lighting engineering as a major project to promote, thus has broad prospects for development, the product can be widely used in public lighting, decorative lighting, home lighting, emergency lighting and other fields. Company for the CBA league game (China men's basketball professional league) official suppliers. 2012 recommended by the relevant units, experts identified as a control device for engineering construction projects in fujian province material efficient lighting products supplier. Relevant approval number "fujian economic and trade run ?, 2012 [2012]

Wonderful Led Lighting co., LTD. is to "establish industrial, service society" for business purposes, over the years the company has always supported charity and education undertakings, accumulated donated millions of dollars. In the future path of development, ten thousand generations return good companies will, as always, to the society. In the fiercely competitive market, ten thousand generation of good companies to the superior hardware, the stable and reliable product quality and sincere service, innovation of management idea, has won widespread praise from all walks of life. Ten thousand generations good company will, as always, to the customer requirements as the core, to product quality as the fundamental, innovative products for life, to return the vast number of merchants and the social from all walks of life to our support and love.